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EKS Sderconsult · ZCC No 34 · · Nouakchott · Téléphone: +222 37 31 40 88 · +222 22 31 40 88
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Business areas

EKS Sderconsult: Your partner in Environment and sustainable development
EKS Sderconsult offers services in the field of project design, monitoring, consulting assistance, capacity building as well as the implementation of projects / programs (environment and natural resource management).

EKS Sderconsult has teams with proven expertise in environmental fields. Sustainable development is an important concern in all activities carried out by EKS Sderconsult. The EKS Sderconsult covers the main areas of economic life including energy, mining, infrastructure, industries.

Areas of environmental expertise :
  • Environmental policies, strategies
  • Design of programs and projects in the field of the environment
  • Strategic environmental studies and environmental impact studies (SEA and EIA).
  • Studies in marine environment and coastal management
  • Solid and industrial waste management
  • Decontamination, characterization and rehabilitation of sites
  • Institutional strengthening and training
  • Organization and institutional development
  • Climate change and air quality
  • Environmental engineering
  • Agri-environment

He particularly has proven capacities in the field of strategic assessment and environmental impact assessment (SEA and EIA) of the oil and gas sector.
For public administration, EKS Sderconsult provides training in the field of SEA and EIA which aims to strengthen skills so that they can be able to:
  • Develop the terms of reference for an environmental study,
  • Initiate, evaluate and implement environmental studies,
  • Integrate modern environmental standards into the design of facilities in the different sectors of the economy,
  • Develop and implement a communication plan to raise awareness, inform and involve the populations concerned,
On behalf of training institutions (universities, institutes, schools, etc.), EKS Sderconsult has proven capacities for the installation of training modules in the field of SEA and EIA.
The content of these training courses aims to:
  • Get used to the environmental assessment process,
  • Make each step understood,
  • Be equipped in such a way as to enable the environmental impacts of various projects to be assessed and,
  • Know the environmental assessment procedures
The content of these courses covers:
  • The international and national history of environmental assessments,
  • The definition, objective and content of an impact study,
  • The comparative analysis of methodologies for identifying and assessing environmental impacts,
  • Models for predicting environmental impacts,
  • Administrative procedures and internal evaluations,
  • Public consultation,
  • Foresight.

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